GameStop - What to Do as a Rational Self- Directed Investor?

Here at the Trade Exchange, last week’s events confirmed both our mission to support self-directed investors and the way we are doing it. We all know self-directed investing is here to stay. Major online brokerages – Robinhood as well as TD Ameritrade, E*Trade, Schwab and Interactive Brokers have been adding hundreds of thousands of accounts, month after month.

All self-directed investors are looking for ideas. As of this morning, the subreddit r/wallstreetbets is up to 8 million members! But within such a community, who should you follow? What’s their track record? When they recommend “the next hot company,” at what price should you buy? When should you get out?

Trade Exchange demystifies all of this. We are harnessing technology to connect self-directed investors with expert stock pickers. Download our app in the App Store or Google Play below:

What can you do with the Trade Exchange that you cannot elsewhere?

  • Follow a wide range of investment experts: we have sector experts, technical, fundamental and macroeconomic analysts, swing traders, contrarians and more. Follow professionals with unique domain expertise or choose others that share your investment philosophy. Build your own all-star team!
  • Verify performance: every one of our experts’ trades – what they bought, the entry and exit prices, and how much – are tracked in our systems as they happen. See everything they’ve recommended in the past – winners and losers! No detail is left out.
  • Real-time notification: when an expert generates an idea, you receive a text notification on your phone immediately. You are notified the moment an expert adjusts a price target, so you can follow their recommendation. In this market, speed matters.
  • Execute trades immediately: once you unveil the idea, you can execute the trade in your linked brokerage account without leaving our app. The order ticket is prefilled with the ticker and recommended limit order price. Just specify the number of shares to enter the trade and receive the alerts on exactly when to exit.
  • We only win when you win: you pay $29 for most ideas. If the idea is closed at a loss, you receive a free idea credit.

Compare the Trade Exchange experience to investment ideas on social media or on investment newsletters/blogs:

Social Media

  • People you don't know
  • Free
  • No trade details
  • No performance tracking
  • You need to find updates
  • Cannot follow trade in real time
  • Log in separately to trade


  • Many verified experts
  • $29 per idea
  • Only pay for winners
  • Get entry and exit details
  • Verified performance
  • Follow trade in real time
  • Trade in linked brokerage acct


  • One / few experts
  • Monthly or annual subscription
  • No subscription refund if you lose $
  • Some trade detail
  • Self-verified performance
  • Cannot follow trade in real time
  • Log in separately to trade

With all of today’s market turbulence, don’t we all want some expert perspective?

Join us now! Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. If you’ve already downloaded our app, check out updates to our experience!

Track the performance of the experts you are following
Once the idea is closed, click to see its detail and that of every booked trade
Learn about other experts and add them to your all-star team

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