Top Trades - Late May

The profiles of late May’s Top Trades evolved as market conditions shifted. Cyclical opportunities in commodities and precious metals emerged. In addition, stock prices of major retailers and global food and beverages manufacturers increased as the Covid recovery continues into summer. Follow these experts and receive their ideas in real time on the Trade Exchange app!

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CCJ: +44% in 22 weeks – LaDuc Trading’s Dolphin Play Swings

Our expert fished for an opportunity she anticipated at the end of 2020. Samantha LaDuc’s focus is on anticipating volatility at inflection points that move a market, stock, currency or commodity. In this case, it was uranium. She wrote in December: “This company is tied to a commodity that has significant potential into 2021.” 

AGQ: +41% in 2 months – Peak Analytics Technical Trade Alerts

Another expert capitalized on an opportunity in precious metals, with ProShares’ 2x Ultra Silver ETF. Tim Walsh, Peak Analytics & Consulting wrote on March 26: “The Euro bottoming should benefit precious metals! AGQ is the most high-octane way to play that!”

DKS: +14% in 2 days – Sound Buy & Hold Picks

A quick gain with conventional retailer. Patrick Moorhead, Sound Buy & Hold Picks: “Dick’s Sporting Goods is an omni-channel sporting goods retailer. This is a great opportunity for a post-Covid recovery play.”

KHC: +13% in 8 weeks – Alpha Insights

A manufacturer of household staples offered an opportunity to capture profits with an extremely attractive risk/reward tradeoff. These types of trades are at the core of Jeffrey Huge and Alpha Insights’ approach: “The shares of Kraft Heinz (KHC) have resolved a classic patterned base formation of the inverted “Head & Shoulders” variety. Following a month-long consolidation, the stock is poised to make another new 52-week high. This should ignite the next leg up in a stock with inherently low volatility.”

NEM: +12% in 1 month – Shah Technical Opportunities

Opportunities also lie with everyday brands you encounter in your neighborhood. Rohan Shah, Shah Technical Opportunities wrote on April 15: “Resumption of a prior bull trend. After a sharp run-up and hitting an all-time high, Newmont encountered a price and time correction. We anticipate this ending, and expect it to break channel trendlines with strong volumes.”

Elliott Wave

BEAM: +12% in 1 week – RajCAP Swing Cycles

One of several profitable trades identified through the Eliot Wave approach. On May 13 Rajendra Parmar of RajCAP Swing Cycles identified a ‘trend continuation’ with Beam Suntory, a global spirits brand with presence in the US, Mexico, Europe and Asia. He closed that trade 8 days later with a tidy 12% profit. Using this approach, RajCAP booked profits in other sectors including healthcare and technology, so his approach incorporating the psychology of trading allows his followers to move across sectors for opportunities.

DISCLAIMER: While these ideas (dates, times and purchase/sale prices for entry and exits) have been documented within Trade Exchange’s system, these are examples of past performance and not an indicator or promise of future performance. Individuals who follow experts featured on the Trade Exchange assume all risks and take full responsibility for unveiling and following ideas, whether they execute trades in their linked brokerage account through the Trade Exchange app or in their brokerage accounts that are not linked via the Trade Exchange app. Trade Exchange strongly encourages everyone to review all the trades posted by a partner, as many lose money. All results –  including entry and exit prices – are available for review.

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